All the businesses that are part of this blog are run from home. When you purchase from these businesses, you are helping to strengthen the Body of Christ, and making new friends in the Catholic community!

When you shop Catholic, your money is immediately helping another Catholic family. Whether the item is expensive or not it encourages these Catholic family businesses to continue to make items that spread the Faith. In these trying times, when Christianity is scoffed by the media, it is important to continue to spread the faith.

Below is a sample of a product from each of the businesses that are part of this showcase. Think of them as gifts, or ideas for showing someone you love how you feel!

Take time to explore these wonderful Catholic businesses, and if you know of one who might like to join our showcase, help them learn about us!

Know someone with a birthday, anniversary or “Just Because” that would like one of these? Bookmark these stores so when the holidays arrive you will remember to do your shopping first at these businesses.

Also, most of these businesses take custom orders, so make sure to contact them if you have something special in mind.

Catholic Author

Sense of the Sacred: A Coloring Book for Young Illuminators

Distant Shores Catholic Apparel

distant shores catholic apparel



Arma Dei

Super Saints

Jacob’s Toy Box and Books

Jacobs Toy Box and Books

Handmaid Art

hand maid art

Keepsakes by Carriekeepsakes by carrie

Robin Nest Lane

Robin Nest Lane

Give Him 5

Give Him 5

Saint Anne’s Rosaries

Saint Anne's Rosaries

Little Knitty Bird

Little Knitty Bird

Saint Zita’s Workshop

Saint Zita's Workshop

Saint Luke’s Brush

St. Luke's Brush

 My Faithful Planner

My Faithful Planner

 Almond Rod Toys

Almond Rod Toys

 Silver Hill Treasures

Silver Hill Treasures

Shopping with Blessed Zelie

Shopping With Blessed Zelie: A Catholic Directory of Businesses showcases Catholic, home-based business.

These businesses are united by the same love for our Catholic Faith, and are passionate about their products. These are their stories. Sometimes, these businesses ​even ​ offer ​exclusive ​ discounts to Saintnook subscribers. Subscribe today and don't miss anything!

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