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Saintnook is all about making it easier and more exciting to teach children and students about the lives of the saints.

Through our visually rich website, these saints’ profiles act as hubs for reference material and art galleries to provide greater depth and inspiration to the home and classroom.

All gifts go to the support and development of this website. It is currently being built by volunteers in their spare time, and it is difficult to afford website hosting, quality artwork and additional community-building projects. Your donations have immediate results in keeping the lights on, and allowing us to achieve our goals and grow.

We have broken down our gift amounts to show you what we will do with them. You can also see sponsorable projects below.

We are not a 501c3 organization. We are Confessing Catholics, which means we’ll be in the confessional line right next to you on Sunday. :)

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Thank you for your kind support at our Cherub level! This gift helps us promote each saint on social media so that we can reach more than 1000 people.


This Guardian Angel gift level goes toward our yearly costs of website hosting, reserving domains and technical issues. Thank you!


Saintnook Bronze Halo Gift

It will allow us to do all the options available to previous gift levels, and treat our team members to the occasional latté. We will include your name and website/business in our donor Hall of Fame.


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We will happily give prominence to you and link to your website in our donor Hall of Fame. This gift amount allows us to do something amazing – pay small amounts towards our team members to compensate them for their time, and even offer visitors the chance to help us out for a fee.


Saintnook Gold Halo Gift

We will happily lead our list with promotion of you and link to your website in our donor Hall of Fame. This gift level will allow us to explore further ideas like developing an app, or a magazine for Saintnook, and all the options available to previous donation levels.


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Fundable Projects

Saintnook Shuffle Puzzle Activity

Price: $25

($20 + $5 extra charges)

To make this site more engaging to our visitors, we would like to buy this plugin and set it up for each saint.

Available from each saint’s profile, we will establish a dedicated page where time can be spent playing these puzzles, becoming familiar with famous and beautiful artworks of the saints.

See this plugin here.

Your site/business will be mentioned as the sponsor for this activity everywhere it is displayed.

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